Tax Tip #3 – First Time Home Buyer Credit

Bought your first house in the past year? If so, you are eligible to claim the first time home buyer tax credit up to $5,000. To eligible for the credit if the two below conditions are met. You or your spouse or common-law partner acquired a qualifying home You did... read more

Tax Tip #2 – Contribute To A RRSP

Contribute to an RRSP account to maximize your refund and save for retirement. Amounts contributed to an RRSP are tax deductible and lower your taxable income. Bonus: You can contribute to a spouse’s RRSP account and claim the deduction as well. Do this on the... read more

Tax Tip #1 – Deduct Transit Passes

Purchase a transit pass for the bus, streetcar or subway? Good news, you can claim the cost of your monthly transit pass to reduce your taxes! Your transit pass is eligible to claim if it allowed unlimited travel within Canada on a…. local bus streetcar subway... read more

Upgraded To Windows 10

This weekend I took the plunge and finally upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8. The process took around 2 hours with a few hiccups. My wireless internet adapter didn’t work out of the gate. I had to pull the modem and router out of my TV cabinet and move both... read more

Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring

Once you’ve made the decision to pop the question to the love of your life the next thing you’ll need is an engagement ring. The process of finding the perfect ring can take time and effort as there so many different options to choose from in terms of... read more

TFSA Calculator Updated

Today I updated my Tax Free Savings Account Calculator. The biggest change is it now compares the future value of your savings within a TFSA vs. a taxable investment account so that you can see the difference under a number of scenarios and assumptions. My intent is... read more

Shared Web Hosting Options

If you’re creating a new website you’ll need somewhere to host it. For those of you who are not technical “hosting” a website means storing your website files online so that other people can access them through your domain name (example:... read more

Send A Gift Of Flowers – Bloomex

Mother’s day is tomorrow. I hope you haven’t forgotten and plan to make the day special for your own mother in some way. My go-to plan is always to send flowers, followed up by a call. For the flower part I always rely on a company called Bloomex and would... read more

New Name – TheUpside

After contemplating this decision for a long while I’ve decided to rename (rebrand) “CanadianCorner” as “TheUpside”. Why? Something about the name CanadianCorner has never sat right with me and i felt that it didn’t capture or... read more

Turbotax Canada Discount – Save 10%

Are you planning on doing your tax return this year with TurboTax online or desktop software? Here is a link that will save you 10% on the cost of filing your taxes. Save 10% on TurboTax This link will take you to the TurboTax website where you can get started on your... read more



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