One of the

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investmentCasino bonus columns thatCasino bonus I read regularly is Sprott AssetCasino bonus Management’s “Markets At Glance”.

I recently came across oneCasino bonus of their recent articles that I found to be interesting and a good read for other investors out there.

Here is the link -> Unintended Consequences

The article analyses some of the recent moves made by G6 central banks in order to maintain stability and liquidity within the banking system. The articleGold Jackpot contends that without some of these moves

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the European banking system wouldGold Jackpot have collapsed in December 2011.  A lot of the measures taken by centralGold Jackpot banks in the last couple months have involved printing money essentially to keep the system a float.

What I take from the article is that these types of measures provide short term relief to the system, but come with long term consequences. The article goes as far to question what would happen ifGold Jackpot central banks like the US federal reserve begin to lose credibility with investorsSport Betting and particularly creditor

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InterestingSport Betting enough the article pointsSport Betting out that both China and Russia have decreased their holdings of US currency over the last year and have instead begun to invest in hard assets likeSport Betting gold and other metals and materials.

What does this mean for the average investor? Perhaps an acceleration of future inflation. Maybe a devaluation of certain currencies like the USD as investors and lending nations move to hard assets and away from currencies.

I recommend you give it a read.

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