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I decidedCasino bonus that I wanted toCasino bonus learn more about HTML5, CSS3 andCasino bonus responsive website design (web pages that work on all differentCasino bonus types of devices and screen resolutions). The first step was finding an idea to build my skills around. I decided on building an income tax calculator.

The basic idea was to have a user input their taxable income into a textbox, click a button and then the calculator would spit out what they owed inGold Jackpot income

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taxGold Jackpot for theGold Jackpot year. As well,Gold Jackpot I wanted the calculator to display their after tax income and average tax rate. Pretty cool eh?

So I toiled on this tax calculator all day yesterday trying to figure out how to get the math to work, make the design responsive to all device/screen resolutions and overall make it look crisp and clean.

In the end I ended up with this…

Canadian Income Tax Calculator

Now, I want you to try it out and tell me what you think.

  • Does itSport Betting workSport Betting properlySport Betting and areSport Betting my calculations accurate?
  • What do you think of the overall design and layout?
  • Does it look right in from the device and screen resolution that you are viewing the calculator in?

This calculator is a work in progress for me. I intent to update it based on user feedback with the goal of making it better over time. One of next tasks is to add other provinces besides Ontario.

For now any feedback is appreciated. Give it a try!


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