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A necessaryLow Amazon Price evil if you own a vehicle.Low Amazon Price Its probably a safe assumption that nobody enjoysLow Amazon Price paying for car insurance as it can make up a sizable component of your monthly expenses. To boot,Low Amazon Price it seems in recent years that car insurance premiums have only gone in one direction. Up.

There are a few things you can do about it. Here are 10 tips for saving on your car insurance bill.

1. Compare Quotes

Competition is always good for the consumer and shopping around for quotes is one of your best bets for lowering your car insurance bill.  Car insurance companies all target different segments of the market so you may be eligible for a discount with one company because of your age, gender or vehicle, but not with another. Seeking quotes from multiple car insurance companies will ensure you receive the best deal.

Two options that I am aware of for obtaining car insurance quotes are calling the insurance company directly and online.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

2. Buy/Lease A Car With A Low Cost Insurance Rating

The car that you own matters when it comes to the premiums you pay for car insurance. The insurance industry collects andTOP SALE analyzes data on all vehicle makes and models to determine whichTOP SALE cars are statistically


moreTOP SALE likely to be in a collision,TOP SALE the cost of claims and the chance of theft.

By purchasing or leasing a car with a low cost insurance rating you will likely receive a break on your car insurance.

View Vehicle Insurance Ratings. How Does Your Car Measure?

3. Bundle Your Car Insurance

Most insurance companies offer other types of insurance such as life, health, travel, home or renters insurance. Many insurance companies offer discount incentives for purchasing multiple insurance products (bundling). This can easily save you 5-15%.

4. Group Discounts

You may be eligible for a group discount based on your employer or other community groups that you are a member of.  Always ask your insurance agent if you eligible for any group discounts when applying for car insurance. Unfortunately, it seems like most online quotes do not factor in group discounts.

5. Increase Your Deductible

The deductible is your share of each claim that you are willing to pay. By increasing the deductible on your car insurance you will decrease the premium on your car insurance bill. Remember if you do get in an accident that you will still have to pay the deductible amount out of your own pocket.

6. Consider Dropping Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is optional. If you have an older vehicle that isn’t worth replacingInternet JobInternet JobInternet JobInternet Job it is often worth it to drop collision coverage to lower your insurance premiums.

7. Take Driving Lessons or a Defensive Driving Course

Some car insurance companies will give you a discount if you have taken driving lessons or a defensive driving course.

8. Install A Security System

Some car insurance companies will give you discount if you have a security system installed on your vehicle. However always consider how much it costs to purchase and install the security system vs. the savings you will realize on your car insurance.

9. Buy Snow Tires

Some car insurance companies will grant a discount for the installation of snow tires in the winter months. I am assuming this is because there is a higher frequency of accidents in the winter months with snow on the ground and snow tires obviously lower that frequency on vehicles that have them installed. Again ensure that the savings realized on your car insurance exceed the cost of purchasing and installing snow tires.

10. Don’t Get Into Accidents

Well Duh. This especially applies to at fault accidents. A single at fault accident can substantially increase your car insurance premiums. The good news is that some insurance companies has a “first accident free” policy where your premiums don’t increase after your first at fault accident.

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