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Casino bonus debtCasino bonus does theCasino bonus average CanadianCasino bonus have? A new report out today from TransUnion revealed the answer. In total the average Canadian was carrying $27,355 in non-mortgage debt in Q3 2013, an increase of $587 (+2.19%) over Q3 2012.

How does average debt load breakout by major city? Vancouver and CalgaryGold Jackpot have the most in debt citizens with $40KGold JackpotGold Jackpot and $38K respectively. The lowestGold Jackpot average debt amount was Montreal ($18.5K) follow by Toronto ($24K).

Average debt per canadian

Even though average debt per Canadian is increasing year over year on  a national basis, it is important to note that it is actually decreasing year over year in Toronto and Vancouver, our two largest cities.

What type of debt is the average Canadian carrying?

average debt by product type

I believe these figuresSport Betting from TransUnion onlySport Betting take into account people with some sort ofSport Betting outstanding balance for each of those types of debt products, and not all Canadians. ItSport Betting is interesting to me that average Credit Card debt is only $3.5K on average.

How do you compare to the national average or the average in your city for debt load?

Source: TransUnion

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