Two weeks

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Casino bonusCasino bonusCasino bonus agoCasino bonus I posted an Income Tax Calculator that I had developed using HTML5 & JavaScript. It was a fun experience and I learned a lot during the process. So much so, that I decided to take on another project of developing a Mortgage Payment Calculator.

The mortgage payment calculator allows you to input your property purchase price, down payment amount, interest rate, mortgageGold Jackpot amortization

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periodGold Jackpot and paymentGold Jackpot frequency. With those inputs itGold Jackpot quickly calculates what your monthly mortgage payments and displays several other useful stats such as how much interest you’ll pay in total over the life of the mortgage.

The main benefit for users that I see is being able run different scenarios with different inputs to understand what the change in mortgageSport Betting payment will be. This is helpfulSport Betting in understanding

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what you canSport Betting afford and what inputs affect your monthly mortgage paymentSport Betting the most.

I plan to evolve this mortgage payment calculator over time to include more functionality such as.

  • Bi-weekly or weekly mortgage payment frequency
  • Principal prepayment options with insight into how much faster you can pay down your mortgage with those extra payments

Mortgage Payment Calculator Canada


Give it a try. I’d love to hear any feedback or comments.

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