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Casino bonusCasino bonus theCasino bonus newCasino bonus year TurboTax Canada has released the pricing for their income tax software products. The CD/Download version is available now for purchase & download, while the Online Editions will be available sometime in mid January. Personally I prefer to wait until the Online Editions are launched because I only need to prepare one tax return and it is cheaper than the CD/Download versions.

TurboTax Software Option Infographic

For those of you that use TurboTax as your income tax software of choice it can often be confusing which software package you should purchase. With so many options, how do to you tell which one is right for you? I’ve tried to make it easier for you by creating the infographic below that compares both CD/Download and Online

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Gold JackpotGold Jackpot versions ofGold Jackpot TurboTax software forGold Jackpot 2013. All information is borrowed off of the TurboTax website.

Feel free to share this infographic if you find it useful.

TurboTax Canada Online – File Your Tax Return From Your Web Browser

TurboTax Online Editions have 5 easy steps to help you complete your tax return and maximize your refund.

  1. Input your personal information – Enter info like your name, address and SIN number which are mandatory with each tax return and allow the government to identify you.
  2. Input your personal tax profile – This allows TurboTax to assess your personal tax situation and only present forms that are relevant to your circumstances
  3. Input your tax date – This includes your income from all sources, RRSP contributions,Sport BettingSport BettingSport BettingSport Betting expense deductions & credits as well as an Provincial claims.
  4. Review your tax return – TurboTax will analyze your tax return for errors and opportunities for maximizing your refund
  5. File your return – You’re done. TurboTax will allow you to netfile your prepared tax return directly from your web browser through the Canadian Revenue Agency website.

TurboTax Online Tax Return Steps

TurboTax Canada Guarantees

One of the things that makes TurboTax great is the guarantees that they provide with their software. These guarantees give users peace of mind that TurboTax has got there back when something goes wrong and that they are receiving the largest tax refund available.

TurboTax Guarantees

If you haven’t made a decision on which income tax software to use I highly recommend TurboTax.

TurboTax 2016

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