How many

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AeroplanLow Amazon Price pointsLow Amazon Price does it takeLow Amazon Price to redeem a flight to destinationLow Amazon Price X?

A question I tried to answer today by browsing the Aeroplan website. I found and am sharing the chart below in case you are trying to answer the same question.

Redeem Aeroplan points for flights

I am interested in flights from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale or Miami where I often I bookTOP SALE cruise vacations


once orTOP SALE twice a year. My planTOP SALE is channel the majority of my spendingTOP SALE through a Aeroplan rewards credit card with the hopes of funding my future flights with Aeroplan points.

It turns out that it takes 25,000 Areoplan points to get a round-trip economy ticket from Toronto to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, which are classified as “longInternet Job haul” flights. That’s notInternet Job too bad. Many

Internet Job

creditInternet Job cards will give you 1 Aeroplan pointInternet Job per $1 of spend.

I typically spend about $20,000 a year on my credit card, which should allow me to redeem a free flight once every 1.25 years. With many of the bonus offers on new credit cards these days I should be able to redeem my first flight even faster.

Is Areoplan the way to go or should I consider another a loyalty program?

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