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bestNew Diet ways to trackNew Diet momentum in the real estateNew Diet market is to look at year over year price growthNew Diet trends. This view allows you to get a sense of whether the market is heating up or cooling down. I live in Toronto and am looking to buy a house at some point in time, so thatSearch job?Search job?Search job?Search job? is the market that I actively track.

As you can see from the graph below, prices in Toronto have really accelerated for all types of property over the last four months.

Toronto Real Estate Price Growth

I wonder how long this rate of growth can continue. I believe the recent price growth has been spurredPlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our site by expectations that interest rates will stay at historical lows for a longer period of time.

Here is a look at average Toronto (416) prices for the last three months of January. Detached houses are now north of $850,000 on average, making them quite expensive for the average Joe.   

Toronto average house prices - January 2014


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