I recently took

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a directLow Amazon Price flight from TorontoLow Amazon Price Pearson to Miami airport on my wayLow Amazon Price to catching a cruise ship at port in Miami. During my time at the airportLow Amazon Price and on the flight I observed several behaviours by other passengers that were just down right frustrating for other passengers. Here is a list of things not to do so that you don’t get strangled by your fellow passengers.

  1. Have your boarding pass, passport and other travel documents organized and out at all times. Nobody wants to wait in line while you fumble through your bag looking for your documents.

  1. Take off your shoes, belt, earrings, watch etc. before going through the security scanner. You just watched 40 peopleTOP SALE in front of youTOP SALE do it, why


    waitTOP SALE to the last minute or worseTOP SALE try and get through with this stuff on? Pay attention.
  2. When boarding the plane don’t jam the isle and hold everyone up at the front so that you can put your bag in the overhead compartment. Hold your bag until everyone passes to the back of the plane before you store your bag. It will make the boarding process faster.
  3. Put your seat back or don’t. None of this flip flopping between up and down. It is annoying to the person behind you.
  4. Don’t hold down the bathroom for 30 minutes on the airplane. This is not the time to read a book, do the crossword or whatever the hell elseInternet Job you’re doing in there. Get down to business and get out. The 10 peopleInternet Job waiting in line who are about to peeInternet JobInternet Job their pants will appreciate it.
  5. Don’t get up from your seat 500 times during the flight. If you have a weak bladder or need to stretch your legs often get an isle seat.
  6. If you have children make sure they are well behaved on the flight instead of screaming or kicking/climbing all over the seats. Understandable that this is sometimes beyond your control, specially if the child is young, but at least make an effort to calm your kids down.
  7. There is no need to be rude to the flight attendants.
  8. Overweight? Buy two seats or sit in business class. Nobody wants to have an uncomfortable flight because the person beside them is taking up half their seat.

Sorry for the rant. Is there anything else that people do at the airport or on a flight that annoy you?

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