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New Diet

New DietNew Diet is a listNew Diet of the best tips on savingNew Diet money that I have encountered over the years.

Household & Groceries 

  1. Make your own lunch and brown bag it instead of buying it every day
  2. Prepare your own meals at home instead of eating out or ordering take out all of the time
  3. Don’t take 30 minute showers and waste water driving up your hydro bill
  4. Take your liquor, wine or beer bottles back to the beer store to collect the deposit
  5. Consider buying no name food products instead of the brand name, which may be the same quality, but more expensive
  6. Do your own yard work instead of paying someone else to do it
  7. Avoid washing your clothes too frequently wearing them out
  8. Be careful when putting clothes in the dryer. You want to avoid accidentally shrinking or ruining your clothes making them unwearable
  9. Don’t waste food by having it go bad because you made too much in the first place
  10. Buy select items such toilet paper, paper towel, laundry detergent and food items in bulk


  1. Don’t waste your money buying cigarettes. Not only are you wasting money, you’re also killing yourself
  2. Don’t buy brand name drugs when the generic version is just as effective, but cheaper
  3. Don’t use tanning salons


  1. Consider travelling in the off season when costs are not at a premium
  2. Plan and book your vacation online instead of booking through a travel agent, which will likely only add to your costs


  1. Search for and apply for scholarships when entering university or college so that you don’t leave any free money on the table

Saving & Investing

  1. Open and contribute to a Tax FreeSearch job? Savings

    Search job?

    AccountSearch job? toSearch job? take advantageSearch job? of the tax free investment gains and withdrawals
  2. Consider buying index ETFs instead of high cost mutual funds (with >2% MERs), which will likely give you the same returns & diversification, putting you ahead after fees.
  3. Don’t pay more than $10 per stock trade with one of the big 6 banks when you could pay $5 at Questrade
  4. Always do you research before investing in a stock, mutual fund, ETF or bond to make sure you understand what you are getting into
  5. Don’t concentrate all your savings in one investment opportunity with the hope of a big payoff. If it backfires you stand to lose a large chuck of your net worth
  6. Don’t withdraw cash every week from an ATM where you are incurring $2-$4 in fees.
  7. Take advantage of a cash back credit card or one with reward points
  8. Take advantage of your company’s DB or DC pension plan
  9. Create a will to ensure that your estate and assets are passed on to your next of kin in a controlled and tax efficient manner
  10. Don’t pay someone else to do your taxes, when it is simple and easy to do with online tax software
  11. Do your research on major tax deductions and credits to ensure you are minimizing your income tax bill

Real Estate

  1. Use a mortgage broker to compare mortgage rates and features from a number of different lenders to find the best mortgage deal for you
  2. Evaluate whether a fixed rate or variable mortgage is the best option to lower your long term mortgage financing costs
  3. Avoid moving houses frequently resulting in multiple payment of realtor commissions, lawyer fees and moving fees

EntertainmentPlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our site

  1. Avoid buying overpriced popcorn, candy and soft drinks at the movie theater
  2. Don’t buy more than 2-3 drinks at the bar. Instead pre-drink beforehand and pay significantly less for alcohol
  3. Re-evaluate your cell phone or cable TV plan every year to see if there are opportunities to save or move to a better plan
  4. Cancel cable TV channels that you subscribe to, but don’t actually watch
  5. Cancel your newspaper subscription. Most major news stories are documented online for free
  6. Don’t buy lottery tickets or scratch cards.
  7. Don’t waste your money gambling at the casino when the odds favour the house


  1. Don’t always buy the latest and greatest tech gadgets when the second generation version is half as much
  2. Separate and understand your “wants” from your “needs”
  3. Always comparison shop for the best deal
  4. Wait for sales for the best deals and savings
  5. Don’t buy expensive warranty extensions and protection plans on your tech products. Most issues will occur during the first year when it is likely under manufacture warranty¬†


  1. Don’t avoid regular maintenance on your vehicle to save a quick buck only to have a major breakdown that is more costly down the road
  2. Shop around for car insurance quotes when you insurance comes up for renewal
  3. Don’t put premium gas in your car when regular gas will do
  4. Don’t buy individual bus or subway tokens when the monthly pass is cheaper
  5. Consult Car Cost Canada before purchasing a new vehicle to determine what the dealership paid for the car wholesale

Have any good tips on how to save money? Add them in the comments below.

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