How are

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youNew Diet most likelyNew Diet to die? The chartNew Diet below summarizes the probabilityNew Diet of death by various causes for the average Canadian.

leading causes of death


Not surprisingly you have about a 50% chance of dyingSearch job? from Cancer or Hearth Disease. TheSearch job? least of your worries is homicideSearch job? (murder) with only a 0.2% probability of being the cause of your death.

I was surprised to see that the average Canadian has aSearch job? 4.5% chance of dying by accident (unintentionalPlease Donate our site injury). I wonderPlease Donate our site if thisPlease Donate our site include auto mobile accidents as this it would make more sense.

OtherPlease Donate our site causes is quite a big category at 23.4%, but I was unable to find a breakout of what these Other Causes are.

Source: Stats Canada

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