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The internet

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Casino bonus is aCasino bonus great tool forCasino bonus investors to research andCasino bonus analyze individual stocks. There is endless supply of news, articles, recommendations, reports, charts, data and discussions on individual stocks online that can help you formulate an opinion on whether an individual stock is a great investment opportunity or not.

I’ll share a list of some of the things I do when I need to research a company online to determine if I want to invest or not. My list is by no means exhaustive of the things you can or should do in your research process, but it captures some of the major ones I feel are important. If you have any recommendations to add to the list please post it in the comments.

Download and read the company’s latest annual and quarterly reports

Reading through a company’s latest annual and quarterly reports is a must before considering an investment in any stock. These reports will give you insight into the company’s strategy, how they have performed in the past, their expectations for the future and any risks that apply to the business.

You can download these reports directly off a company’s website, usually under the “investor relations” section.

investor relations

read annual reports

Download and read the company’s latest investor presentation

Most companies will also publish an investor presentation (PowerPoint deck) along with their quarterly and annual reports. This presentation is supplementary and often contains more detailed information about the company’s results or future expectations. It might just be me, but i often find these presentations overly optimistic and “salesy”. Just be aware that these presentations are often used to sell investors on the company and on management’s strategy.

read investor presentations

Analyze the company’s financial statements

Dissecting a company’s financial statements is a must before making any investment. You can find the financial statements in a company’s annual or quarterly reports. As well there are several finance portals that offer standardized views of a company’s financial statements. Some of the best include…

Make sure to analyze the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements to get a sense of how the company has performed in the past and identify trends.

Analyzing financials

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Gold Jackpot statementsGold Jackpot is a detailedGold Jackpot & complex topic that is outsideGold Jackpot the scope of this post, but at a high level consider the following.

  • Is the company growing top line revenue or is it shrinking?
  • Are the company’s costs under control, with steady or expanding margins?
  • Does the company have enough cash and assets on hand to service their short term & long term liquidity needs?
  • To what degree is the company financed by debt or equity? If they have a lot of debt evaluate whether it is sustainable.
  • How does the company compare on key metrics relative to it’s competitors?

analyze financial statements

Estimate the company’s fundamental value per share

Before you invest in any company you should make an attempt at calculating what the fundamental value of the shares are worth. There are a couple of tools to help you do this.

First there is my very own Excel Stock Valuation Model, which downloads historical financial data from the internet automatically and helps you calculate the fundamental value of a company within minutes.


The second option is a service called Vuru which recently launched. Vuru will also help you estimate the fundamental value of a company using the company’s historical financial data within a few minutes. The service also provides several other useful pieces of analysis on a company’s financial strength, management performance, sustainability of competitive advantages.

Read recent news and announcements on the company

Reading recent news articles on a company is a great way to identify major events or future risks that may affect the company going forward.

I find Google Finance or Google News to be the best source for summarizing recent news articles on a company you are researching.

stock news

Read expert opinions on the company

The best resource for viewing expert stock picks and commentary is Stockchase tracks stock recommendations and comments made by portfolio managers on BNN shows such as Market Call and publishes them online for the average investor to read. Simply search by stock ticker symbol and you’ll be able to view all recommendations and comments for a stock sorted by recency. This information is useful because it can help you identify issues or opportunitiesSport Betting for a company that you may not have considered. IfSport Betting many portfolio managers are recently recommendingSport Betting a stock then it is a good sign for that company’s future prospects. I find thatSport Betting if you track the recommendations of portfolio managers over time you begin to figure out which ones you can trust and which ones to ignore based on their previous track record.

expert stock opinions

Check the short trends

What percentage of the outstanding shares are sold short? The trends around short interest are important to understanding whether a company is becoming increasingly under, over or fairly valued. Short interest information can be found on the website Read here on how to use it.


Check insider trading trends

What are corporate insiders such as the CEO or CFO doing with their shares in the company? Are they selling or buying additional shares which may indicate what their beliefs are about the future prospects of the company. An easy way to monitor insider trading is through the website insider stock trades

Look up who the major shareholders are in the company

You can view who the major shareholders are of a company through Consider the following and determine if it leads you to any insights

  • Are the major shareholders individuals or institutions?
  • What shareholders are buying and selling?
  • Do the major shareholders have a known investment style?
  • What do you know about the reputation of the major shareholders based on their past performance or history?

Stock Shareholders

Read other investor opinions

A good way to gain additional insights into a stock is to read the opinions, comments and discussions of other investors online and engage with them. This is one of the best ways to identify issues, opportunities and trends for a particular stock and understand the psychology of other investor’s towards the stock.

There are many investment discussion forums around the web, but some of the best with a focus on Canadian companies are the following.

Use the forum search to find discussions on the particular stock that you are researching.

Investing Discussion Forums

That’s all I have for now and I think I covered the major ones. I am sure there are many more useful resources and tools out there on the internet for individual stock research. i’ll try to expand on this list over time.

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