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New Diet toNew Diet admit,New Diet I am addictedNew Diet to getting rid of things on Kijiji. It’s just such an easy and effective way to purge things from your house. When you have limited space like me, It comes in handy to be able to get rid of things you no longer want quickly, without having to wait until garbage day or making a trip out to the dump.

It also feels good to be able to transfer your unwanted stuff to another person who values it more and can put it to good use, instead of just throwing it out. As a plus, you can actually make money selling your unwanted stuff a lot of the time.


In the past week alone I have either sold or given away several items including…

  • My old Sony laptop
  • BlackBerry Bold
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  • iPhone 4S
  • Mont Blanc Ballpoint Pen
  • Ikea desk
  • Frommer laptop backpack
  • Shade Lamp

Based on my experiences moving things on Kijiji this is what I have learned.

Selling Items on Kijiji

Include photos with your ad – People want to see what they are buying so make sure you add at least one photo at a minimum. Make sure your photos are clear and display the important aspects of the item.

Write a descriptive ad title with keywords – Make sure the ad title contains keywords that people are likely to search to find your item.

Write an ad description with enough detail on the item – There is a fine balance between adding too much or too little to the ad description of an item. You want to make sure you list all of the important details and avoid things that are not important to potential buyers. Always make sure to highlight any defects with the item so that potential buyers are aware.

Set your asking price higher than the price you actually want – There are a lot of people onSearch job? Kijiji who want a great dealSearch job? and will try to negotiate you down on price. A goodSearch job? trick is to set the price of the item higher in the ad then what you actually hope to receive. This willSearch job? give you more room to negotiate on price if you need to. Demonstrating that you are willing to come down in price may seal the deal and you’ll often end up getting the price you wanted for the item, while the buyer feels like they received a deal. A win-win for both sides of the transaction.

Follow up – Many people inquiry about an item and then go silent when you respond with answers to their questions. Always try to follow up a couple times if this happens as sometimes people just get busy and forget. I have had people respond several days later after I pinged them again and we ended up completing a deal.

Pre-qualify each buyer before agreeing to meet up – This is important to do before you meet up to complete a transaction. Always ask the potential buyer if they understand what they are buying, most importantly any defects as well as an agreed upon price. This will minimize the chances that the deal will fall through when you eventually meet up, saving you time.

Make the buyer come to you – You can end up wasting a lot of time travelling to sell your items to buyers who may not show up or try to negotiate you down in price once you get there. To avoid this, always insist that the buyer come to you to complete the transaction. This will also give you more negotiating leverage, as the buyer has more to lose in terms of time if they try to haggle over price. If it’s in yourPlease Donate our site hood then you can just walk away from the dealPlease Donate our site with minimal time lost,Please Donate our site where the otherPlease Donate our site person has come all that way just to haggle over a couple bucks. Chances are they are going to accept the price you originally agreed upon instead of walking away.

Be Safe – If you do schedule a meet up to sell an item, try to do it in a public place with lots of people around in the middle of daylight. Don’t take unnecessary risks and use common sense. Avoid inviting strangers directly to or into your home if you can avoid it.

Giving Items Away on Kijiji

It’s amazing how many people are browsing Kijiji looking for free stuff. Even with obscure items I find there is at least one person out there that is willing to take what you no longer want.

Many of the same principles for selling on Kijiji apply to giving away your items for free. The main difference is when giving away stuff away for free you want to minimize the amount of time and effort that you put in to it as possible.

I don’t like spending time coordinating a meet up to give away free stuff. Instead I just tell interested parties that the item is available for pickup on my front porch and to come by whenever they want during daylight hours. Often I’d state that it is a first come first serve basis so that people have a sense of urgency, which usually gets rid of the item faster. It seems to work just fine as most free items are gone within hours of posting the ad. Give it a try.


In summary Kijiji is a great way to get rid of unwanted things in your house and maybe make a little money on the side. I’ve shared my best tips based on experience, but I am interested to see if anybody else has any good tips or tricks that they are willing to share in the comments.

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