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New DietNew Diet followNew Diet upNew Diet on my post on where to book your travel online, here are a few tips for finding deals on flights.

Keep an eye out for promotional sales. Often travel sites will sell flights at deep discounts during promotional sales. Sometimes this is to fill capacity on flights that are under booked. You’ll have to be quick though as these types of promos are usually for a limited time or are in limited quantity. Checking your favorite site weekly or joining a site’s email newsletter is often the best way to become aware of these types of promo sales.

Check prices on different days of the week. Sometimes airlines have pricing strategies that charge different rates depending on the day of the week. CheckSearch job? on different days to see if pricesSearch job? differ and

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takeSearch job? advantageSearch job? of days where pricing is in your favour.

Book in advance. Sometimes you’ll get a better deal if you book your flight far in advance. Check to make sure that your site or airline has a “price drop guarantee” policy to protect yourself against price drops. after purchase.

Book last minute. Booking last minute can sometimes also score you a deal. Airlines will often try to fill planes that are under capacity by dropping prices at the last minute. If you’re willing and flexible enough to book something on short notice, this can be a great way to get a great deal on a flight.

Book a connecting flight instead of direct. Non-direct flights tend to be cheaper. If you can deal with the inconvenience and extra travel time factor then taking a non-directPlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our site flight with a connectionPlease Donate our site can be a great way to get a lower price on a flight.

Take a red eye flight. Similar to non-direct flights, booking flights at non-peak hours such as a red-eye also tend to be cheaper. It might cause you to lose some sleep or make jet lag a larger issue, but if you can handle it, it is a great way to save on flight costs.

Check for cheaper prices at US airports. Live near the US border? Sometimes flights from a US airport can be dramatically cheaper than flights from Canadian airports. Always consider the extra costs and convenience factors of driving to the US airport as well as differences in taxes, costs for baggage etc. to determine if it is worth it.

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