Many people

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Many people simplify the process of weight loss down to the formula of (calories out subtract calories in), but in reality it is much more complex than that. The key is to have a balanced, sustainable, measurable and long term plan to get to where you want to be. There is no easy fix and results don’t happen overnight. It is important to baseline your expectations.

Everything I have learned about controlling my own weight I discovered through trial and error. Here are my words of advice if you want to start dropping pounds.

As a general rule when it comes to weight loss, do everything in moderation. If you exercise too much or cut out bad foods entirely you are likely to burn out and give up. Realize that your body has limits and that sometimes making gradual improvements and taking the longer term route might be the best way.


The first key to losing weight is to exercise regularly.

Make sure you do both cardio weight lifting – Don’t just do one or the other. Incorporate a balance of both into your schedule to help drive weight loss. Both activities build muscle in different ways to help you burn more calories while you’re exercising and at rest.

Change it up – Exercise variety is your friend. Don’t get stuck into a routine of the same exercises day after day. Keep your body surprised by throwing a range of different exercises at it to maximize your results. 

Do a mix of low intensity and high intensity workouts – Mix up the level of intensity of your workouts for maximum affect.

Stretch – Stretching is surprisingly importantGold Jackpot and something

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Do full body movement exercises – Aim to do exercises with a large range of motion for maximum affect.

Learn to do each exercise properly – Nothing will set you back like an injury. Always take the extra time to learn how to do each exercise properly. If you don’t know how ask somebody or look it up on the internet.

Exercise with a buddy – Exercising alone can get boring at times. Find a friend who has similar goals and get together to work out.

Play sports – Sometimes working out in a gym can get boring after a while. As an alternative, play sports instead to get your weekly exercise. Sports are fun to play because of the competitive and social components and you often forget that your working out.

Track your progress and set goals – One of the best ways to keep motivated is to set goals and track your progress. An exercise goal could be anything such as running the mile in under 10 minutes or doing push ups. Its always good to have something to aim for so that you can keep pushing yourself to get better.

Eat Right

The second key factor that determines your weight is diet. Even if you workout each day, it won’t matter if you make poor choices when it comes what and how much you eat.

Eat breakfast – Breakfast is important to start your day off right so that you have the energy and nutrients to be productive. Often people will skip breakfast to save on calories, but in my experience it never works and just makes you worse off.

Eat vegetables and lean protein – Try to eat as much vegetables andSport Betting lean protein

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Drink lots of water – Water is generally good for you and drinking several glasses a day are recommended by health experts. Water also makes you feel full

Limit your intake of pop and fruit juice – Both taste great, but are essentially just empty calories and sugar that you’d don’t need. Especially if you are trying to shed pounds.

Limit your intake of alcohol – I really struggle with this one, especially in social settings. Beer and wine taste so darn good it can be hard at times, but too much alcohol can really add to your waste line. If you can try to make better alcohol choices to limit the damage such as drinking less drinks or choosing drinks with less calories.

Stay away from sugar – Sugar (especially processed sugar) is generally not good for you. It will also work against you when it comes to your weight. Try to scale back on your sugar intake as much as possible. Don’t get extreme and cut out treats that contain sugar entirely as it will likely back-fire eventually.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake where you can – Carbs are good for energy, but consuming too many can hurt your waist line. Stay away from white bread and other processed cards where possible. Don’t cut carbs out completely because they are an important part of a healthy diet, just be cognizant of how many carbs you’re consuming as a % of your overall calorie intake.

Reduce your portion sizes – Aside from what you eat, how much you eat is also important. Try to scale back on your portion sizes when it comes to less healthy foods and treats. For example if you usually eat a full pizza in a sitting, eat half or 3/4 next time and save the rest for later.

There you have it, my best tips for losing weight. Have any to add?

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