shared web hosting

If you’re creating a new website

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you’ll need somewhere toLow Amazon Price host it. For those of you who are not technical “hosting”Low Amazon Price a website means storing your website files online so that other people can access them throughLow Amazon Price your domain name (example:

There are thousands of web hosts out there to choose from, each offering different services at a range of prices. If your website is new and your just startingLow Amazon Price out I assume you’ll want to go with a shared hosting


solution to keep your costs down. Shared hosting justTOP SALETOP SALETOP SALE means that your website is stored on a server with other people’s websites where the resources (RAM,TOP SALE CPU) of the server are shared. The benefit is that shared hosting is a lot cheaper compared to other hosting solutions such as dedicated hosting where your website is the only website on the server.

What should you consider in a shared hosting service?

While there are many specific features you may need for your website, the top 5 things to consider when choosing a shared web host are as follows.

  • Cost (monthly price)
  • Web Space (how much spaceInternet JobInternet JobInternet Job can your websiteInternet Job files take up on the server)
  • Bandwidth (how much data you can transfer over the internet from people accessing your website)
  • Included domains and email accounts (how many?)
  • Reliability and reputation of the web host

Shared web hosts I recommend

Having built websites since the early 90’s I’ve had a chance to work with several different shared hosting companies over the years. Here are four hosts that I recommend if you’re looking for a balance of reliability & value for money.


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