I was recently in Japan on two weeks vacation and had a mission of buying some new dress shirts for work.

Some of my current dress shirts are starting to get old and boring so I need to replace them.

My requirements for new dress shirts were as follows

  1. High quality fabric and feel of high quality
  2. Good fit, not too big or too small
  3. Button down collar
  4. Standard cuffs – no French cuffs
  5. Less than $80 per shirt

After doing some research I came across this dress shirt company called Kamakura which is popular in Japan and has recently expanded to the US (specifically New York city).

Website link: http://kamakurashirts.com

I ended up buying two dress shirts from Kamakura at $79 a piece and am quite happy with the purchase. Both shirts are a variation of blue, but Kamakura has many different shirt styles and colors to choose from.

If you are in need of new dress shirts with similar criteria as mine I recommend checking out Kamakura’s online store.

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