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dressNew Diet shoesNew Diet for work are startingNew Diet to look really worn out and I’veNew Diet been on a mission to replace them. I finally landed on buying a pair of Cole Haan Hamilton Grand Oxford shoes. Here is what they look like.

Going into my dress shoe search my criteria was…

  1. Oxford style shoe – Will be wearing these in an office environment with dress pants
  2. Color must be brown or tan – to wear with blue / tan / green pants
  3. Must be extremely comfortable – I am going to be wearing these things for 8+ hours a day
  4. Must look cool, stylish, classic, but be simple – Who wants ugly shoes…
  5. Must feel and beSearch job? high qualitySearch job?Search job? – These things haveSearch job? to last over 1 year and preferably for 2-3 years.
  6. Price less than $300 – Sounds pricey, but my experience has been that buying one $200+ high quality pair is better than buying two $100 (or less) pairs and then replacing them in 6 months.

After searching online for a while I ended up considering men’s dress shoes within the following brands.

  • Steve Madden
  • Johnson & Murphy
  • Stacey Adams
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Clarks
  • Hugo Boss
  • Ted Baker
  • Bugatti
  • Allen Edmonds
  • Cole Haan

Most of these men’s dress shoes you can find at TheBay. Others like Allen Edmonds you can find at Harry Rosen and Please Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our siteCole Haan has it’s own stores. With all of those options it was hard to narrow it down and make a decision. I wasn’t favoring one brand over the others and there were good looking shoes under each brand. Ultimately I decided to go with the Cole Haan Oxfords because they were the most comfortable on my feet and the price was right (relatively). Cole Haan has a semi-annual sale on and I was able to save 30% of the standard price of $280. Ended up paying $220 after tax.

Overall I am happy with my purchase. Now let’s see how long I can without scuffing the toes or wearing these shoes outside.

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