Elon Musk is the man. On Friday he unveiled a

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new product called Solar Roof thatLow Amazon Price is part of his grand plan to accelerate the world towards a more sustainableLow Amazon Price energy future. The difference between Musk’s Solar Roof and other roof solar power solutions is that Musk’s solar panels look aestheticallyLow Amazon Price pleasing. In fact his solution is genius in that the solar panels look like regular roof singles. From the street you can’t tell that the roof is a solar powered roof unless you are looking directly down on the shingles/tiles. Most solar roof top solutions look hideous,Low Amazon Price so this should remove one more barrierTOP SALE to adoption. Musk’s Solar Roof comesTOP SALE in a few different shingle/tile styles to fit your house.

MuskTOP SALE also announced the Powerwall 2.0, which is the 2nd version of their wall mounted battery. These lithium ion batteries are capable of supplyingTOP SALE power to a 4 bedroom house for 24 hours. Powerwall 2.0 is thinner and has roughly double the energy storage and output as the previous version. It’s not cheap at $5,500 USD, but

Musk’s grand plan for moving the world toward sustainable energy is a simple concept.

  1. Leverage roof top solar panels to generate energy & electricity from the sun during the day
  2. Store that energy in a wall mountedInternet JobInternet JobInternet Job battery called Powerwall, which canInternet Job be used from dusk until dawn to supply the house with electricity
  3. Charge your electric call directly off the Powerwall battery at night

Let’s face it, climate change and climbing CO2 levels are a major issue and I feel like Musk is one guy who is investing a lot of energy to help humanity solve the problem. This guy has a lot of critics, but you can’t fault the guy for trying and dreaming big.

Here is the video of Musk announcing the Solar Roof project and the Powerwall 2.0.  I also love how crappy Elon is at presenting, but just owns it anyway.

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