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WordPress Installation Steps

  1. Get a web hosting account (I recommend
  2. Login to to your web host control panel
  3. Create an FTP account from your web host control panel
  4. Install FileZilla FTP
  5. Connect FileZilla to your web host server (in this case
  6. Gold JackpotGold JackpotGold JackpotGold JackpotDownload WordPress and unzip the files
  7. Transfer WordPress files to your web host server using FileZilla FTP
  8. Setup a MYSQL database for WordPress through your web host control panel
  9. Find the URL path to your website through your web host control panel
  10. Go to to load theSport BettingSport BettingSport BettingSport Betting WordPress installer
  11. Install WordPress by entering your site information, creating a user account and entering your database connection details
  12. Sign-in to your WordPress admin dashboard
  13. Your ready to go.. now on to customizing and configuring WordPress.

It’s as easy as that. Watch the video for a detailed explanation.


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