Periodically I scan the

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internetCasino bonus to identify newCasino bonus investing opportunities. Often on weekendCasino bonus mornings when I have a 1-2 hour block of time to dedicate to the task. GenerallyCasino bonus I am looking for stocks or ETFs that are not currently on my radar that are at interesting price points or commentary from other people on what they are buying and selling as well as the rationale. The goal is to broaden my view of the landscape out there

Here are the places I often check for new ideas.

Gold JackpotGold JackpotGold JackpotGold JackpotTMX Money Stock Screener

This is my favourite stock screener out there. I’ll often drill down into what stocks have recently hit new price thresholds (52 week high or low).

RedFlagDeals Investing Forum

Always some interesting threads in this forum. I typically read through the “what are you buying and selling” threads for ideas.


I’ll browse through the recent opinions and recent top picks for ideas & commentary.

Google Finance

I’ll browse through the recent news and top trends. Google Finance also has a decent stockSport BettingSport BettingSport Betting screener that you canSport Betting also use to filter down on stock parameters.

My own stock lists

I maintain my own stock lists which allow me to sort by different stock parameters (dividend yield, P/E, 52 week high/low etc.). These views help me quickly scan a broad range of stocks which makes it easier to compare between them.

  1. TSX Stock List – Dividend Yield & P/E
  2. TSX Stock List – Market Capitalization
  3. NYSE Stock List – Dividend Yield & P/E
  4. ETF List


Where do you guys go to scan for new investing ideas?

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