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New Diet March 29th SamsungNew Diet announced their next flagship smartphone devicesNew Diet officially named the Galaxy S8 & S8+.

I am impressed with the amount of innovation Samsung isNew Diet driving on these devices. Great to see given the difficult year Samsung has had with their botched NoteSearch job? 7 launch and related battery issues.

Here areSearch job? some of theSearch job? highlightsSearch job? of the S8/S8+ devices

  • New “infinity” OLED display that covers the entire front of the phone
  • Better camera which shoots 4K video
  • Bixby virtual assistant, which can answer basic questions and prioritize your information as it learns your routine/behaviours. Bixby can also identify objects and tell you what they are and where to buy them, which is a supperPlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our sitePlease Donate our site cool feature.
  • Wireless charging and IP68 water resistance
  • Bigger battery (3,000 amh, 3,5000 amh)
  • 64GB internal memory
  • New Dex platform that allows you to connect your device to a bigger monitor to create a Android desktop experience that runs off your S8/S8+
  • Free Gear VR + controller with pre-order

What do you think and will you be getting the new S8 or S8+ from Samsung?

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