I’d like

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to shareCasino bonus with you a usefulCasino bonus budgeting tool that I developedCasino bonus in Microsoft Excel. My objective was to calculateCasino bonus a quick forecast of my monthly cash flow based on my monthly income and expenses. I’ve officially named the tool “Quick Budget” to reflect that it only takes between 5 – 20 minutes to pull together a household budget.

Download my quick budget Excel spreadsheet.

I chose to develop the tool as an Excel spreadsheet because I find Excel the most flexible and easy to work with for these types of things.

Quick Budget is very simple and easy to use.

Step 1: Input you income. Precisely your

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monthlyGold Jackpot after taxGold Jackpot income. If you have more thanGold Jackpot one earner in your family you can easily add additionalGold Jackpot rows to capture each person’s income. Don’t know your after tax monthly income? Calculate it using my Income Tax Calculator.

Step 2: Input your expenses. I’ve included the most common expense categories such as housing, food & groceries, transportation, clothing, communication, entertainment etc. Simply input an estimate of what you pay for each expense line each month and the template will automatically calculate out what you’ll pay for the entireSport Betting year.  If you pay additional expensesSport Betting that are not

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includedSport Betting in my template feel free to enter new rows to accountSport Betting for those expenses. Just make sure you adjust the “total expenses” formula to capture all expenses.

Step 3: View your monthly cash flow. There is no action required on your part for this step. The template will automatically calculate your monthly cash flow and cumulative cash flow by month based on the income and expenses you entered previously.

Download: Quick Budget Excel Template

This is version 1.0 of my Quick Budget Excel Template. If you have any constructive feedback on how to improve the tool please send me an email.



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