Found an interesting

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setCasino bonus of stats today onCasino bonus undergrad tuition fees by field of studyCasino bonus (full time students). I was interested in seeing what the relative costsCasino bonus were for each discipline and what the average growth rate of tuition feesGold JackpotGold JackpotGold JackpotGold Jackpot was from year to year.

For those without perfect eyesight (like me), click the image below to see a larger version.

Interesting takeaways:

  • The average tuition fee growth rate over the last 5 years was 3.3%, which is slightly aboveSport BettingSport BettingSport Betting what inflationSport Betting clocked in at over that same period.
  • Field of study with the largest growth rate in tuition fees: Pharmacy
  • Field of study with the highest relative cost compared to average tuition fees: Dentistry

Source: Stats Canada

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